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Company Profile

JADE Non-Ferrous Metals Ltd. was founded in 1986 at its headquarters in Kidderminster in the West Midlands. The Company also has regional sales offices in Manchester and Southampton. This provides an excellent base to serve the United Kingdom and for export to world markets.

The Company is totally committed to its customers and upholding its reputation as a leading supplier of non-ferrous metals by ensuring customers¡¯ expectations for quality, delivery and cost are fully achieved. We maintain an effective quality management system by identifying customer needs and providing resources and training necessary to develop this commitment.

JADE Mission

» To ensure we continually provide our customers with the highest quality products and services.

JADE Vision

» To maintain our reputation as a leading supplier of non-ferrous metals.
» To consistently increase our customer base and achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

JADE Values

» Innovation ¨C through actively seeking advancement in product performance.
» Resources ¨C through monitoring, training facilities and environmental conditions.
» People ¨C through the ability to attain excellence.
» Customers ¨C though understanding customers¡¯ needs and expectations.

JADE Markets & Exports

» The Company holds ISO Approval and all products are fully traceable and backed by mill certification.
» The Company operates and meets JIT and Kanban requirements.
» Aluminium is the main metal traded, but JADE can supply all types of non-ferrous metals and Stainless Steel for a wide variety of customer applications.

Industry Sectors

» Aerospace
» Defence
» General Engineering
» Medical
» Motor Sport
» Pharmaceutical
» Telecommunications

Export markets

» Republic of Ireland
» Europe
» Africa
» Asia & Subcontinent